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From: David Bobroff
Subject: beam_control_etc
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 18:55:16 +0000

>> did not appear.  The font files were in /usr/somethingorother so I
>> linked them to where teTeX looks for font material, ran 'texhash'
>> and all was well.
>Did you run ly2dvi?  You should.

I'm pretty sure I did.  I recall messages scrolling by complaining about
not finding files.

>Anyway, I think these problems are
>fixed if you download 1.4.13, for Red Hat 7.3.  You may want to update
>your Red Hat distribution anyway, for security reasons.

Ok, I've got 7.3 lying around.  Perhaps this weekend...Are there any
'gotchas' with the RPM for 7.3?

>Remember to logout after installing lilypond.

I don't understand.

>You mean like this?
>    \context Staff \notes \relative c'' {
>       a1 
>       <
>           \context Voice=one { \voiceOne c8 c   c c   c c }
>           \context Voice=two { \voiceTwo \repeat unfold 16 a16 }
>       >
>       b1
>    }
>    \paper{linewidth = -1.0}

No, I didn't try it like that.  I tried just getting the example from to work and it would compile.  What I tried was (I found the
reference I needed in the Polyphony section after I sent my previous message):

\include ""
        \clef "treble"
        \key c \major
        \time 4/4
\context Voice = VA \apply #voicify-music \relative c'' {
c4 < { f d e } \\ { d c2 } > c4 < g' \\\ c, \\ f \\ d >

[From page 48 of}

>> __________
>> |  |  |  |
>>  |__|__|__|
>See above.  Or do you mean some kind of shift?  You can use spacer
>notes 's4' or so, or start the second voice any time you want.

A shift, I guess.  The measure is all sixteenths.  The odd numbered notes
should be on the upper beam while the even ones should be on the lower beam.

>You're using a fairly old version of lilypond.  Version 1.4.13 has
>some fixes for midi2ly, and the development version 1.5.58 has an
>entirely new midi2ly program.  You may want to try those.
>Hard to tell without the MIDI file...

I've attached it. (It is an adaptation/edition of the "Pedalexercitium" as
improvised by J.S. Bach and later written down by Krebs [sp?].  This
version is by a friend of mine who plays contrabass.)

>No, your printer needs the .pfa's.  You can try to download them to
>your printer, or prepend them to the .ps file.  Note that the direct
>PostScript output is not recommended.

Hmm, I don't have a PS printer.  I have an Epson Stylus Color 600.

Han-Wen wrote:
>> Can someone point me to the right place in the docs?  I have the doc
>> ''. 
>Can you tell me what keywords you would look for in the index?  Then
>we can add those if they're not there yet.

Well, it seems that I found the relevant portion of the docs.  Not sure
what to suggest at this point.


David Bobroff

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