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Re: First edition of famous unpublished works on Mutopia?

From: Chris Sawer
Subject: Re: First edition of famous unpublished works on Mutopia?
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 21:12:53 +0100
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In message
          Juergen Reuter <address@hidden> wrote:

> Maybe you heard in the news about the archive of unpublished manuscripts
> by famous composers such as Wilhelm Friedemann Bach.  This archive was
> lost during World War II, has been found in Kiev, and is now being made
> available for research and "practical" purposes.  For more information,
> see (this page contains
> information mostly in German language, but also some in English further
> down on the page).

I'd not heard of this archive, but from the (English parts of) the page you
pointed out, it sounds very interesting.

> Maybe we should ask if we can somehow get access to some of the works and
> try to publish it on mutopia?  I think it would be nice if there were some
> piece of famous baroque music that has been first published on mutopia...

Unless I've missed something, the page above doesn't mention any of the music
being digitised, so presumably it only exists in the original paper form ATM.
Therefore, if anyone wants to do any work with them, they'd have to go to

A slight drawback, but if anybody is willing and able to go and gain access
to these manuscripts, I'm sure we'd be more than happy for them to be
contributed to Mutopia (subject to checking out the legal position, of

I agree that it would be fantastic for the first publication of works by such
famous composers to be on Mutopia!

> For proper editing, there, however, should be some annotational features
> added to lilypond (therefore this mail is cc:-ed to lilypond-devel).  In
> particular, it should be possible to have a standardized way of putting
> information into an .ly file such as "the manuscript contains here a cis,
> but it probably should be a c" (i.e. some kind of alternative music,
> with only one alternative actually printed in the score, and other
> alternatives added as footnote, for example).

We (at Mutopia) have been thinking along the same lines recently, and there
will be a number of improvements coming up shortly for people who want to
publish well researched editions on Mutopia.

I agree with you that some kind of footnote feature would be useful in
LilyPond. Developers: is it practical/possible to add something along the
lines of the LaTeX footnote feature - maybe even using it, since LilyPond
uses LaTeX?



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