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Re: lilypond drum problem(?)

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: lilypond drum problem(?)
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 18:47:27 +0200
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Joerg Anders wrote:

Hmm! I don't know ? What about "f"? -- "feses?

Yes. What is the problem here?

> What if I implement - say - 10
different note heads ?

Then you would have a problem. This scheme limits you to only use 5 different heads.

To shorten this: LilyPond is a very good typsetter for classical music.
And it can deal with simple (no chords) drum staffs.

It can also deal with drum staves with chords - as long as you use the scheme illustrated in input/test/

In contrast to all other free musical typsetters it has
musical knowlegde.

Yes and that is why I don't like your idea of defining the drums purely as "position, note-head-style". Later moving i.e. the bass drum to another position would be very hard - the user is stuck with the drums layout that the composer has selected, and producing sensible midi output will be impossible because lilypond don't know which positions/heads that corresponds to which midi-drums.

> I would say: A hack only because of
this case is no good idea. Perhaps if you'll later
think more about jazz/pop/... you should implement
a really sophisticated drum-chord-solution. And then I'll incorporate
this into LilyPond export. So long the user has to live with
some exportation restrictions.

I don't think that the drums solution will become more sophisticated than the one currently available - the only difference will be that it will be easier to use and that it will be possible to put drums and notes on the same staff.


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