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Re: Chord notation

From: Jule Slootbeek
Subject: Re: Chord notation
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 08:46:36 -0400
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David Boersma wrote:
Hey guys,

There are also women on this list!

I have a question on adding text to a score
when i hand in assignments in class (I study music in college) my
teacher askes us to analyze our music and notate the chords under the
score (using roman numerals and inversion symbols, not pop-notation.
(ex.  iii6/4 in stead of Em\B (in C), and [V7] V for secondary dominants
etc. etc.)
is there a way in lilypond 1.4 to do this or do i need to use lilypond-book?

simple first guess: have you considered using the Lyrics context for the
harmonic comments? If so, what was the problem with that?

Or are you asking for a way to let Lilypond calculate the harmonic
analysis for you? :-)

thanks a lot..


ps. currently i use a pencil after i print out my score..:) but if i
want to email it to him, this gets harder, and scanning etc. is a b*tch.

If you are really desperate you might think of editing the postscript
version of your score with Illustrator (Windows) or KIllustrator==Kontour
(Linux). I did not try that yet myself, though (I'm afraid there might be
a font problem). And I do not think it will be necessary in your case.

Good luck,
David Boersma

Excuse me, Guys, and Girls,

Uhm well i was wondering if lilypond had special functions to print the inversionsymbols correctly... so the 6 above the 4 (5 in superscript and 4 in subscript on the same col.) I have thought about using the lyric line, but i was just checking if there are special options for that. If lilypond can do it itself is unnecessary since most of the times i write the music myself..and tghus have a pretty good iea what chords i use..:)
thanks for the info,


Jule Slootbeek  

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