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Rehearsal marks, percent repeat

From: Antonio PALAMA'
Subject: Rehearsal marks, percent repeat
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 10:33:57 +0200
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Moving from 1.2.17 to 1.4.12 some of my favourite commands
do not work as expected

The command I had standardized for boxed rehearsal marks, i.e.


makes some additional white space to be inserted before and after the barline
preceding the \mark command.

The command I had standardized for "circled" rehearsal marks, i.e.

\mark "{\\font\\twelverm=cmbx12\\twelverm{%

is not usable at all (lots of white space before and after the barline).

Do you have any suggestion to solve the problem?

I would like to look in the sources to see if I can do something
to solve the problems outlined in my previous posting about
percent repeat:

- Too wide percent repeat measures
- It is not possible to have multiple precent repeat behave a la "skipBars"

Where should I start looking?
Is there a place in the documentation or in the sources where the
algorithm used for horizontal spacing is clearly described?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Antonio Palama'

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