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line breaking and fingering

From: Minh A. Hoang
Subject: line breaking and fingering
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 04:32:14 -0700 (PDT)

(Oops, I forgot to attach the code)
I am using lilypond 1.5.71 on windows machine. I would like to ask for
your experiences concerning manual line breaking and fingering
1. How can I break to a new line just before a grace note? (See the
example below in the upper voice. If I quote the grace note away,
everything goes fine. For now, it seems to be unable to start a new
line with a grace note.)

2. How can I put the fingering indication not only above or bellow a
note but also beside it? (This happens sometimes if I want to finger
for every note in an arpeggio.)

3. For guitar player, sometimes string indication is needed. It is
shown by a circle around the string number above or bellow a note. How
do I draw this? In the example I used text markup to put "(2)" (B
string) above fis8. But it's not really as desired as convention.

I would appreciate any hint from you,


<code here>
\version "1.5.71.jcn2"
\include ""
\score {
  \notes \relative c''' \sequential {
  \property Staff.midiInstrument = "acoustic guitar (nylon)"
  \time 6/8
  \key e \major
  \property Staff.NoteCollision \override #'merge-differently-dotted =
  \context Staff
    \context Voice = VA {
      a4 fis8^#"(2)"
      [dis8^#'(lines "II" " ") e8.^#'(lines "I" " ") gis16-4] %|
      gis4-4 fis8^#'(lines "II" " ") fis4 r8 | \break %1

      grace <fis8^#"II" \arpeggio cis8 a8 fis8 cis8 fis,8> %doesn't
work well
      cis'8.-4^#'(lines "IX" " ") dis16-4 dis8-4
      dis4-4 cis8 %|
      [b8.-1^#'(lines "VII" " ") \grace cis8()e16-4 e8]
      e4-4 e16-4( \glissando )fis16-4 \break %2

    \context Voice = VB {
      [a,16-2 fis,16_1 b16_1 dis16_1 fis16-4 b,16_1]
      [fis16-4_3 a16_1 gis16_1 b16_0 gis16 gis'16] %|
      [e,16_2 b'16_0 gis16_1 b16_0 fis'16-1 cis16-1]
      [fis,,16-1 cis'16 fis16 a16 fis16 cis16] | \break %1

      [cis'16_3 e16-1 gis16-1 dis'16 dis16 a16-2]
      [b,16_1 fis'16-3 a16-2 dis16 cis16-4 b,16-0] %|
      [b8_3 <b8_#'(lines "1" "2" "3") \arpeggio dis8 fis8 b8> e'16
      [b,16_1 e16-1 gis16-1 e16-1] r8 \break %2
      \midi  {
        \tempo 4=64
      \paper {
        textheight = 270.0\mm
        linewidth = 180.0\mm

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