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Re: PS output looks like junk

From: Alois Steindl
Subject: Re: PS output looks like junk
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 16:42:42 +0200
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Mats Bengtsson schrieb:

This is not the problem. If you followed the discussion, you'd see
that Colin produced a Postscript file which he claims looks weird
on his screen but fine on printer. His file looks fine over here.
Check yourself at

I have converted his PS file to PDF ( so Colin should be able to verify if it was a problem with his Ghostview installation, but apparently it looks strange also when he uses Acrobat reader.

I'm totally confused, since the handling of embedded fonts in Ghostscript and Acrobat should be completely independent. Is it possible that both Ghostscript and Acrobat fail to view
embedded fonts correctly because of some weird installation of
the X window system?
I have looked at the ps-file and it looks fine. Maybe one would prefer to use the pfa-fonts instead of pkfiles to become more resolution independent. Colin might try to generate some graphic file from his ghostview screen (using some option like
convert to pngmono) so that we know what he is complaining about.

We did have some problem with viewing PostScript files with ghostview several years ago, when we didn't have sufficient graphic memory. Maybe he should tell us more about his setup and try to view the files at a friend's computer.

Best regards

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