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Re: PS output looks like junk

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: PS output looks like junk
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 23:19:34 +0200

> Mats,
> I'm getting weird results as well. PS and PDF output look fine.  DVI
> output looks VERY weird. The fonts look square. (but not "dotty" as in
> low resolution dotty, it looks squigly, or something like that)

What DVI file are you refering to? Those produced on your own 
system or the one in Colin's email? Since the font is updated
every now and then, a .dvi file in general is only valid as long
as you have the same Lilypond version installed as was used to 
produce it. If you have the problem on your own installation, 
please read in the installation instructions on how to get rid
of old font files when upgrading Lilypond.

> PDF and PDF output looks flawless. it could be his Tetex installation.
> If he is viewing the PS output using Xdvi, it might not work correctly
> (on my system, there's always something missing when use Xdvi to view
> the PS output!)

??? How can you view a postscript file with Xdvi (unless you 
have included it as an .eps in another TeX document)?

> ++++++++++++++++++++
> Colin,

I maintain that this has nothing to do with the problem Colin
describes. You have verified yourself that the PS and PDF files
look just fine (except for the fuzzy look of the PDF file due
to the bitmapped fonts). 


> 1. Run texconfig.
> 2. Select the MODE menu, and select one of the drivers that have
> resolution higher than 300dpi. Hit enter on the OK button. The config
> utility will run some things. Exit the menu (if you need to exit it)
> 3. Select the XDVI menu. Select MODE menu again, and it should ask if
> you want to set it for the same driver in Step 2. Select yes. If it
> doesn't ask the question, you should select the same driver you selected
> in Step2.
> 4. Select the Return Menu afterwords (it should take you back to the
> first menu.
> 5. Select DVIPS menu, Select GLOBAL menu, Select the papersize you'll be
> using most often, then select the MODE menu, and repeat the driver
> selection that you did in step 2/3.
> Return and exit. Try typeset your score again, and tell us what happens.
> Fabio.

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