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Re: Can't get the thing to compile...

From: Alexandre Aractingi
Subject: Re: Can't get the thing to compile...
Date: 29 Oct 2002 16:05:19 +0100

Le mar 29/10/2002 à 15:54, Simon G. P. Bailey a écrit :
> is your python.h in the default include path?
> guile 1.6 is needed for lily 1.7, iirc.
> greetings,
> simon.

Thanks for your answer!
My python.h is in /usr/include/python2.2/Python.h, and I even created a
symlink with /usr/include/python.h (with _and_ without capital p), but
it never finds it... the configure script of 1.7 does find it though...

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