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Re: How to add text?

From: Jérémie Lumbroso
Subject: Re: How to add text?
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 16:48:37 +0100

SK> mi4^#`(Large "Allegro non troppo")
SK> Can I control the  vertical location of the text somehow?

That's only way I know of to place some text precisely over a note. If
you need to have text before the score or after it, the score being
like a figure in a book, you might want to take a look at
lilypond-book, though this *isn't* what you're asking for at the

What you're using right now is called TextScript. The most practical
way to control the vertical position is being setting the padding, for

      \property Voice.TextScript \override #'padding = #3

Best regards,
 Jérémie                            mailto:address@hidden

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