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lyrics alignment

From: Ferenc Wagner
Subject: lyrics alignment
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 20:30:39 +0100
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hopefully my last question tonight.  For lyrics in two lines
I use the \repeat construct:

    A1 -- a2. be-4 cause4. the8
    \repeat fold 2 {} \alternative {
      {world4 is round4. it8 turns4 me o1 -- on4 _2 _8 be- cause2..
       the8 world2. is4 rou1 -- nd2}
      {wind4 is high4. it8 blows4 my mi1 -- nd4 _2 _8 be- cause2..
       the8 wind2. is4 hi1 -- gh2}

Aparts from lots of warnings, like

warning: no one to print a repeat brace
warning: lyrics found without any matching notehead
[multiple times]

it makes only one mistake: the alignment of 'wind', see:

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Description: output sample

Is there anything I can do about it (and perhaps the

                                Thanks: Feri.

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