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From: dra
Subject: instrumentation
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 14:57:25 -0600
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On Wednesday 15 January 2003 07:13 pm, you wrote:
>                Hello,
> Is it possible to assign different MIDI instruments to the
> threads in one voice?  The problem is an accordic piece
> (mostly a series of < . . . > constructs).  If not, what
> about different voices?  I can easily translate the piece to
> < . \\ . \\ . > form, of course, which looks bad, but for
> generating MIDI it would be OK.  I'd like to avoid putting
> the voices on separate staves (too much work).  I know about
> Staff.midiInstrument, but Voice.midiInstrument didn't work
> for me...
>                                      Thanks: Feri.

You won't be happy with the result.  You can't have more
than one voice on a staff and get away with it, because
unisons will be garbaged.

The best answer IMHO is to make a separate midi
version of your score with each voice on it's own

You can do better with the dynamics that way, too.

"Melody is the gift of God."
--Quincy Jones
"No, it isn't."  dra@ or

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