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Re: context presistence

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: context presistence
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 15:31:21 +0100
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The trick is to keep the context "alive" during the whole piece,
using spacing rests, as in the following example

\score{\notes\relative c'
 \context Staff<
  \context Voice=one{\voiceOne s1*4}
  \context Voice=two{\voiceTwo s1*4}
  \context Voice=default{
   c1 |
   <\context Voice=one{f4 g a2}
    \context Voice=two{d,4 c f2}>
   g2 c,
   <\context Voice=one{f4 g a2}
    \context Voice=two{d,4 c f2}>


Ferenc Wagner wrote:

In my piece with lots of < . . . >'s I have to manually
instantiate separate Voice contexts a couple of times.

<\context Voice = "VA" { \voiceOne . . . }
 \context Voice = "VB" { \voiceTwo . . . }>

Next time I'd like to write

<\context Voice = "VA" { . . . }
 \context Voice = "VB" { . . . }>

only, but this doesn't work, I have to spell out the
\voiceX's again.  Is there a way to make the properties
persistent?  (I know about \\'s and ='s).

Forgot to say, I use version 1.6.6.

                                Thanks: Feri.

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