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Re: ConTeXt

From: Michal Seta
Subject: Re: ConTeXt
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:12:26 -0500


Thanks for writing

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:11:50 +0100
Mats wrote:

> Did you consider using LaTeX instead of ConTeXt? It's used much
> more than ConTeXt for ordinary document typesetting.

Yes, I have used LaTeX.  In fact, I have about 1/5 of the project done in it.  
And I am not an expert on LaTeX but I run into some problems when typsetting 
and designing a page layout that deviates considerably from the standard 
document model.  In my case, while the poetry that I use for the project could 
be easily typset in the standard way and lilypond-book allows me to insert 
musical gestures between lines/verses, even words, my idea was to use different 
layouts and text formatting (possibly even using layers, can I do that in 
LaTeX?) for visual representation of my intentions concerning interpretation of 
the texts.  Think: concrete poetry.

I googled around various TeX mailing lists and that brought me to ConTeXt, 
which I googled, too and I found some threads of similar issues (like people 
doing poetry chapbooks).  And a few opinions were that ConTeXt is more suitable 
for such task than LaTeX.  Presumably it offers more flexibility in terms of 
layout and such.

I'm rather new to (anything)TeX and I wouldn't know where to start to use 
lilypond with ConTeXt.  If LaTeX is presently the only way to go with lilypond 
I will stick to it.
      __  __ (_)___   Michal Seta
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