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margin problems between version

From: Bryan Koschmann - GKT
Subject: margin problems between version
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 12:59:46 -0700 (PDT)


I've got 2 machines my older running Lilypond 1.6.8 and the new one
running 1.7.16. I have the same .ly file (posted below) but I get a
different output, that is, the margins seem to be different:

Ver 1.7.16
Ver 1.6.8

Any ideas on what I am missing here? Why would it be different?



Here is the file:

\header {
        title = "Random Notes"
        composer = "Bryan L. Koschmann"
        meter = "Varies"
        copyright = "kosch"
        tagline = "Reference Sheet"
\paper { }

\score {
        \notes {
        \time 4/4
        \key c \major
        \clef violin
                e' ces'' a f d' e d''' b d''' ces' e' bes'' g' c'' e'' d'' d''' 
d' f' f' fis f''' gis''' f d'' g' c'' a'' aes''' a dis'' fes e''' c'' f' a' a' 
c f''' fis' e' c'' fes''' b' d' b fis e f''' c c d''' e' a des''' e bes'' a a' 
g b fes b''' g''' ees' ais'' g d'' c'' ges'' b' ces''' a'' g c' e' c a' b 
ges''' g' fes' b' g' c''' g''' bis' a c b''' e a des dis' e d''' a''' bes'' 
e''' g g''' ais''' g'' aes' b c'' a' c'' b''' d'' e g'' a'' e ges''' g''' a' 
bes''' bes'' d' e e f' aes' f' b''' fis' dis'' e' c' c' a fis'' dis' a' c''' f 
c'' g'' ais c'' des f c'' a' gis' g'' ais c'' b' c''' e' des'' e''' b''' ees''' 
d'' c' e''' b''' c a c'' d'' e' cis'' b''' g'' aes'' e'' g c''' fes''' ais' dis 
c''' a'' f'' ges'' b d cis''' ges' g' d'' f' dis' f' g''' g' dis''' cis''' 
ces'' f'' c' d d'' dis gis'' b' fis'' e'' e''' a''' a b' g''' e e'' c''' e b' 
f' e b''' b' c

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