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Re: [Newbie] font problem

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: [Newbie] font problem
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:29:31 +0200
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Don't rely on the pdftex output of Lilypond. It's not very
actively supported and should be considered an experimental

The pfa fonts were indeed broken in version 1.6.6 but have
been solved again from version 1.6.8. If you have troubles
getting access to a compiled version of the latest stable
release, it should work to use the fonts from 1.6.9
together with your currently installed 1.6.6 but in that
case you have to make sure to download not only the
.pfa files but also the .afm and .tfm files from (use the instructions at with the appropriate
modifications). Also, you have to download the source code
for 1.6.9 and copy the .mf files from the mf/ directory
in the source code tree to the installation directory.

Of course, it's better to get a full installation of 1.6.9,
it's always problematic to try to upgrade half an installation
manually as I described it above.
Isn't there any fink package of 1.6.8 or 1.6.9 yet? It's really
a pity if you don't have easy access to a working version of

By the way, ly2dvi -P don't give you any PDF files, but
ly2dvi -p does.


Beernd Noordkamp wrote:
For me to get the pfa-fonts to work in 1.6.6 I had to add


to my pdftex.cfg (in texmf/pdftex/config), and put a soft link to in texmf/dvips/config. At last it worked: with ly2dvi --pdftex I got my beautiful scalable pdf. This means you need to have pdftex installed for this to work, ly2dvi -P still doesn't work for me.

Anybody got an idea why the header doesn't show up when I use pdftex?


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