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[Newbie] font problem

From: Tanguy
Subject: [Newbie] font problem
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 17:12:13 +0200
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sorry, i think it is a quite common problem
bit i couldn't find any solution.

i have compiled lilypond on my redhat 7.1 box, and i
try to make it work.
when i try to process a ly file, it seems ok.
i get a dvi file. great!

but if i try to run dvips, i get this:
$dvips -o exemple.dvi

This is dvipsk 5.86 p1.5d ...

kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mnode -ljfour --bdpi 600 --mag 1+0/600 feta-nummer10 mktexpk: running mf \mnode:=ljfour; mag:=1+0/600; nonstopmode; input feta-nummer10
This is METAFONT (...)
kpathsea: Runnin mktexmf feta-nummer10
! I can't find file `feta-nummer10'.
<*> ...:=1+0/600;nonstopmode; input feta-nummer10

Please type another file name
! Emergency stop
<*> ...:=1+0/600;nonstopmode; input feta-nummer10


obviously, it can't find the fonts.
when i try to view my ps file, the notes heads
are seen as figures (eg: 7, 8)

did i miss something?

my feta fonts are in the /usr/local/share/lilypond/tfm directory,
i tried to set the DVIPSFONTS variable (i saw that in
the dvips info), but it still does the same.

i can't view my dvi file properly either.

any help would be great,


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