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Re: Tin whistle "fingering tablature"...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Tin whistle "fingering tablature"...
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 17:15:51 +0200
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
   There is not specific builtin support in Lilypond, but you could
   use ordinary text scripts to obtain what you want.

   Try something like
   d4_"x"_"x"_"x"_" "_"x"_"x"_"x"
   g_"x"_"x"_"x"_" "_"o"_"o"_"o"

I tried this, but I couldn't get the symbols to show up in the
postscript.  But this maye have changed in later version of lilypond
(I used 1.6.9).  This way is also quite cumbersome...

It should definitely work in 1.6.9, please send a full (but short)
example of what you tried.

What I was thinking one could do is something similar to the way tabs
are done.  I.e. something like say:

\score {
  \context StaffGroup <
    \context Staff <
    \context TinWhistleStaff <

and get the desired output.  Any tips on where to implement this kind
of a hack would be nice.

Well, you could take a look at how the NoteNamesContext or
FiguredBassContext are implemented, for example. If you start in
ly/, you'll find that you have to implement a new
engraver. I don't know exactly how you'd want it to work. Should it
figure out by itself the fingering instructions by itself based on
the music or do you want some other input syntax?
If you make an implementation, you should also be prepared to
support it in future versions. Please start from the latest development
version 1.7.xx since no new features will be added in 1.6.xx.


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