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Re: Tin whistle "fingering tablature"...

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Tin whistle "fingering tablature"...
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 12:29:25 -0400

On Wednesday 21 May 2003 09:42 am, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> [Please keep me in the CC for any replies since I'm not subscribed to
> the list]
> is it possible to get some kind of "fingering tablature" for a tin
> whistle displayed under the staff?  I.e. something like this where X
> means closed hole, and O means open hole (and something for a shaded
> hole):
> -----------|------------
> -----------|------------
> ---|-------|------------
> ---|------0-------------
> ---|--------------------
>   0
>   X       X
>   X     X
>   X     X
>   X     O
>   X     O
>   X     O
> Pardon the ugly picture that does not resemble anything that lilypond
> would produce.  :-)

There are several ways of getting the X's and O's, depending on how
you want them to look, but it's easy.
g2_"(your X)"_"(your X)"_"(your X)"_"(your O)"_"(your O)"_"(your O)"

You might have an invisible part with just d's to which to attach your 
fingering so that it lines up pretty.  It does help that d is the 
lowest note.

Which brings up a question of my own, since I will be doing this myself 
soon.  Is there a way of not including a voice in the midi block?  It 
is no great hardship to do a midi version, but if there is an easy way 
I would rather not have to.

It would be worth it to use sed to make your part, and do it in stages, 
if you intend to do a lilypond-book full of tunes, so:

d'2 d4

in scriptfile:
#put a space before the first note in the line to simplify, because sed 
# has no or |.
s/^/^ /
# substitute: space d' etc. --> space @highd' etc. fingering.
# /g at the end means global  
s/ d'\([^ ]*\)/ @highd'\1xxxooo /g
(If you do this before I do, don't keep it a secret...)
(the rest of the notes down to...)
s/ d\([^ ]*\)/ d\1xxxxxx /g
s/x/_"your x"/g
s/o/_"your o"/g
# get rid of @high
s/ [abcdefg]/ d/g

so if you have your notes in a separate file,

sed -f scriptfilename notesfile > fingernotesfile

should generate the fingering part all under d's with the time
values intact.  I haven't tested it, but it should be close.

Of course this fingering is wrong for the d', but I wanted to show
how to protect the octave from being fingered again.

If you are using lilypond-book, I'm not sure about ly2dvi, you can
get o's and black o's "\\circ" and "\\bullet".  Maybe you need
"$\\circ$" and "$\\bullet$", I don't remember and it may have changed 
since I did something like that last.  Also, that might require some 
serious height reduction.  I wouldn't want to type it out that way, but
it might be worth it using sed.  I've never seen x's and o's, but I 
like it.

I did something similar for harmonica, but it's not quite ready for 
prime time either.  DaveA 

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