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Re: Suppressing the printing of default objects

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Suppressing the printing of default objects
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 08:32:45 -0400

On Thursday 22 May 2003 05:09 am, Nigel Warner wrote:
> Dear All,
>       I am using 1.6.8-4 under Cygwin and XP.
>       I am using lilypond-book to write some text about music
> and want to include some non-standard illustrations - for example,
> a stave embellished with a clef and a series of 7 key signatures
> one after the other. To distil the picture down to it's basic
> constituents I want to suppress the printing of the standard bits
> of stave furniture at will. The following morsel of code is my
> first attempt to suppress the printing of a default time signature
> but it does not do so.
>  \score {
>   \context Staff <
>   \property Staff.TimeSignature \override #'transparent = ##f
>       \notes {
>       d'8 e' g' g' fis' g' a' a' |  g' fis' c' d' d' d' r4 |  }
> }
>       If anyone can shed some light on this, or the problem of
> suppressing the printing of objects in general I would be grateful.

I think you could use  \remove Time_signature_engraver in the paper 
block, This example is from searching \remove in the manual.

\score {
  \notes {
    c'4 c'4
  \paper {
    \translator {
      \remove Clef_engraver

>       Secondly, I have acquired the source and installed it but have
> been unable to generate the internals documentation using the
> incantation:
>       make -C Documentation/user/ out/lilypond-internals.html
> whilst standing in the top level directory - which is very vexing.
>       Thirdly, just in case you were wondering, I am doing this in Windows
> as Mandrake 9.1 does not support my motherboard/nvidia chipset yet so
> I am without sound under Linux. Does anyone know how to write to a
> NTFS partition from Linux ? As far as I can tell Linux is mounting it
> read/write but I can't
> seem to write to it.

As root?  DaveA

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