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Title fonts

From: Rob Vlasaty
Subject: Title fonts
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 18:39:06 -0500

I've figured out how to change the font of the stanza numbers.  I've used the 

\property LyricsVoice . StanzaNumber \set #'font-name = #"cmssi17"

( I'm proud of myself for figuring that out)

Also, when I tried what you suggested. I got it to work by adding it to my .tex 
file and using lilypond book:


Is there a way to add that line right to the .ly file to access it in ly2dvi 
for the title and poet, etc.?

I found the code \sffamily in the Latex documentation to change the font family 
to Sans serif.  When I added this line to my .tex file for lilypond-book, I got 
Sans serif text in my ouput.  I'm curious if there a command to access the Sans 
serif font-family in ly2dvi to change the fonts, since it's available in Latex?

Thanks for your suggestion.

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