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Re: ...and thy Staff, they comfort me

From: Kieren Richard MacMillan
Subject: Re: ...and thy Staff, they comfort me
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:02:28 -0500

Hello, Mats:

Thanks for the response -- I'm still learning about Contexts (etc.), so I appreciate the guidance...

  I definitely recommend to include it in some existing Staff instead,
  for example the "mel" Staff.


- Why did you use additional Dynamics staves for the dynamics and pedal marks?
 Why not just include them within the existing staves?

I think I (mis)interpreted how Dynamics were applied after looking at some of the templates/examples on the lilypond site -- I'll go back and reexamine them to figure out where I went wrong.

  If you make sure to keep them in the same Voice context as the
  corresponding music, LilyPond will even make sure that they don't
  collide with notes with several ledger lines. If you want them
  typeset at a larger distance from the staves by default, just
  increase the padding property of DynamicLineSpanner and
  SustainPedalLineSpanner, respectively.

That's *exactly* what I was hoping for -- thanks!

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