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tie and slur shapes

From: Richard Lyons
Subject: tie and slur shapes
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 14:01:06 +0100
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This is quite a learning curve!  I have to use two voices in some bars, 
so I end up needing to carry the two voices to wherever phrasing slurs 
lead.  Sometimes I have to put the same note in both voices and make 
one stem transparent, so as to include all ties and slurs.  Fiddly, but 

But :
 - some ties just refuse to appear - no error message, just silently
   dropped.  And 
 - I cannot find any way to affect the shape of slurs.  I've tried
   beautiful and de-uglify, but the parameters I've entered have no
   effect at all.  
 - Ties insist on selecting their vertical curvature according to the 
   voice.  If I have to use the top voice, the tie curves up, even 
   when the notes are right at the bottom of the stave and there is 
   also a slur below.  This looks wrong.  But '\tieDown' does nothing,
   '\property Voice.TieColumn \override #'direction = #-1' has no
   effect.  What am I doing wrong?

All help gratefully accepted!!


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