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Re: glossary.

From: Dave Pawson
Subject: Re: glossary.
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 17:50:44 +0000

At 17:22 16/12/2003, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

> Great. Then the XXX to lilypond will be just as easy.

Except that you lose anything in XXX that cannot be expressed in xml.

Hence my other comment.
The central item is the XML, that's the interchange standard?
XML to X is the goal,
I suggested that lilypond is the recipient of the transform.

> Braille producers .... or at least us, accept that there
> is likely to be media specific 'tweaking'. I guess music
> will be just the same.

Yes.  The specific tweaking that can be done in the .ly file and
possibly some other music content will be missing from the xml.

WHich is where we put the skilled effort.
Into making the print | braille ..... look/feel good.

> <myView>I wrote a book on XSL-FO, which is a print formatter spec
> from w3c. Some people call xsl-fo a 'final form', i.e. its not meant
> to go 'more general', than that. I'd put lilypond, musixTex into the
> same category, a typesetting, document bound format, rather than an
> interchange format. On that basis lilypond would be a target rather
> than a source?</myView>

Yes, on that basis it would, but if the lilypond source contains more
information than the *xml you'll have a hard time generating it.

Again. Lilypond to XML could be 'uphill', hence yes.
I suggested that the transform direction be XML to lilypond,
I.e. downhill.

musixtex is mostly typesetting commands whereas lilypond needs very
typesetting directives, you can hardly compare those.

I don't understand this statement.

> I can't say I'm keen on <a href=".ly file"><img src="some.png"
> alt="empty" /> </a> form, since it screws normal image access,
> but its a minor niggle.

Yes, that could be an option.

I now have a valid docbook xml document, with references
to the .ly files. Need to check the encoding,
and add my 'extras'.

> I was enquiring about MusicTex and Lilypond, is are they
> derived from the same base?



regards DaveP

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