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Re: fontforge crashes while creating fonts

From: Ben Crowell
Subject: Re: fontforge crashes while creating fonts
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 19:26:59 -0500
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OK, I finally got lilypond to install on FreeBSD 5.2. There is a bug in
the file mf/GNUMakefile, which requires the following patch:
  #wget  --passive-ftp -P $(outdir)$(redhat-package)
  wget  --passive-ftp -P $(outdir)$(redhat-package)

Here's the procedure that finally worked for me:

1. Do a cvsup, because lilypond 2.0.1 is what is in the snapshot of the FreeBSD 
ports collection
   that comes with FreeBSD 5.2, and lilypond 2.0.1 fails to compile with an 
error from gcc. After
   the cvsup, you have lilypond 2.0.3 in your ports.

2. Build the ftp/wget port.
   Building the port from source on a cvsup-ed 5.2 system on Jun 11 failed 
because apparently there's
   a security vulnerability. Downloaded and installed the binary package 

3. Build the archivers/rpm2cpio port, and then make a symbolic link so it can 
be invoked as
   rpm2cpio, not

  # cd /usr/ports/print/lilypond
  # make install
     (fails part of the way through, because FontForge crashes)

  # cd /usr/ports/print/lilypond/work/lilypond-2.0.3/mf
  Change the following line in GNUMakefile:
  #wget  --passive-ftp -P $(outdir)$(redhat-package)
  wget  --passive-ftp -P $(outdir)$(redhat-package)

  # gmake get-pfa
  # cd /usr/ports/print/lilypond
  # make install

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