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Re: Lyrics not lining up properly

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Re: Lyrics not lining up properly
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 11:21:30 +0100

Nice to hear another cornet player using Lilypond ;)

I'm guessing, but I think that each "\context Lyrics" is creating a new
separate context, so that they are stacking up vertically.
I'm not near a Lilypond to try it, but try "\context Lyrics = LONE"
instead and see if that helps.


> I'm typesetting a piece of cornet music which requires the musician to

> sing every once in a while. However, each separate instance of lyrics 
> (presumably in the same context comes out a line lower than the one 
> before it. It's a bit hard to describe, so here's a cut down version
> what I'm trying to do (I get the same result). I've defined the Lyrics

> context earlier in the piece and used it without any problems. It sits

> at the same height as does the first instance of my example here. Any 
> ideas what I'm doing wrong?
> \version "2.2.0"
> \score{
> \notes{
> \relative c''{
> \key bes \major
>     \time 6/8
>     \partial 8 f,8 | bes(d) f, bes(d) f, | bes( d4 )~ d4
>         <<
>             {ees8^"(Sing)" | d4 d8 c4 c8 | bes4.~bes4}
>             { \context Lyrics \lyrics {A8 hunt4 -- ing8 we4 will8
>         >>
>     f8 | bes(d) f, bes(d) f, | bes( d4 )~ d4
>         <<
>             {ees8^"(Sing)" | d4 d8 c4 c8 | bes4}
>             { \context Lyrics \lyrics {A8 hunt4 -- ing8 we4 will8
>         >>
>         }}}

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