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pull-off and hammer-on signs don't look good

From: alexander . rose
Subject: pull-off and hammer-on signs don't look good
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 00:48:48 +0200
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Hi list,

I'm using the debian lilypond (2.1.0-2) package. I made some tabs with
lilypond, which worked ok. I attached slurs to "notes" and i get
automatically a P for pull of and a H for hammer-on printed, but the P
and H are to big and collide with the slur and the "note". How can I
reduce the font-size of the P and the H? How can I get more space
between the slur and the note?

Another "spacing-question": How can I put the repeating-brackets, for
play 1st time, play 2nd time, all on the same level? IMHO it does not
look good, if they are on different levels. This is also in the TabStaff

Any help appreciated! Perhaps someone can point me to a good starting
point in the manual to study such questions.


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