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From: Joshua Koo
Subject: Australia
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 16:46:05 +0800

Hi everyone,

I don't know anyone here, and you guys wont proberly see me in perphaps your 
life too.

Anyway, I just saying a little small Goodbye as I'm going to Australia (Sydney) 
with my school on sort of a music trip.
You know, they always have these self-introduction in other mailings list, and 
I not sure how much you guys will do it, I will start first.

I'm 19 (this year), studing in a polytechnic doing a diploma call Business 
Infomatics, living in a small country call Singapore. (Its sad I know of no one 
else here who uses Lilypond) I learned to play the recorder like all other kids 
here during primary (elementary) school, then took up playing the violin.
In secondary (high) school, then I picked up playing piano, and slowly a few 
other instruments like cello, viola and oboe in my polytechnic.
I spend a great time with computers too. But of course, I am no way a good 
programmer nor a musician, in fact I find that I am a slow leaner, the more the 
jack of all trades, the more the master of none I get...

Think I have never said this before, so I want to thank all you guys. Thanks to 
the programmers behind this wonderful software, (and that the creators are 
always busy in making Lilypond better.) Thanks to all the people who reply my 
ignorant questions. Thanks for this whole community that keeps me motivated to 
keep typsetting some music. I enjoy all this fun.

So I will be going overseas for a short while(~11days), problerly wont be 
reading mails (missing lilypond newsletters), proberly wont be writing mails 
(no more silly emails by me), no more lilyponding(but perphaps breath some 
fresh air, enjoy myself over there). Well, if you are another lilypond user who 
stays in sydney, then we got a chance to meet, esp. if you are in some 
performances that I will be going to see. But oh well, chances are slim.

Happy typesetting or should I say Lilyponding.

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