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can't see fonts, just barlines and staff lines

From: Arturo Araya
Subject: can't see fonts, just barlines and staff lines
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 23:04:56 +0800
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Ok, quick newbie question (haven't found a FAQ that deals with this anywhere, 
so here goes): I've successfully installed Lilypond 2.0.3 on Gentoo from an 
ebuild. It appears to have generated the fonts I need. When I ran lilypond on 
a test document (one that comes from the Manual) it generated three files; 
test.pdf, test.dvi, and None of these files looks like music 
notation however. All I see on all them is some stem lines, sometimes 
barlines, sometimes staff lines. The .pdf document also has a time signature.

Another clue: when I open the .dvi file I get the following error message:

"KDVI was not able to locate all the font files which are necessary to display 
the current DVI file. Your document might be unreadable.
Experts will find helpful information in the 'Fonts'-section of the document 
info dialog"

I'm afraid I have no idea what is wrong. Can anyone point me in the right 
direction? Thanks a lot.

-Arturo Araya

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