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address@hidden Lilypond Comments!

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: address@hidden Lilypond Comments!
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 00:21:03 +0200

address@hidden writes:
> simply indicate on the modeline just what beat the cursor is on...or
> rather how many beats lie between the cursor and the previous | or {.

Brilliant idea!  I'm not aware of efforts in this direction.

> One could attack this problem with another Emacs patch...which would
> give you the absolute octave for any note under the cursor. Again, has
> anyone attacked this problem, or should I tackle it?

Not that I know.

> -> Another problem is enterying lyrics to a melody, often the lyric
> syllables don't match up to the melody notes, and I have to tweak the
> melody or lyrics. Any attempts to solve this problem? I have several
> possible solutions, but don't know what is good/possible/easy.
> ---> Is there a way to intersperse the lyrics and melody? Right now
> lyrics are in a /lyrics context separate from the melody, so I have to
> check by hand that the lyrics matches up to the melody.

you could do

        \context Lyrics=myLyrics { \skip 1*2 }
        \new Staff {
         << c4
            \context Lyrics=myLyrics \lyrics { blah } >>

         << d4
            \context Lyrics=myLyrics \lyrics { blah } >>
        } >>

but  I doubt whether you would like it.

> ---> I can't seem to put measure breaks '|' into lyrics...wouldn't
> that be a useful feature to add to the language? Or can it be done
> somehow?

This should be possible, but I recall there being bugs. Erik S. knows
the details.

> ---> I believe you can specify durations for syllables...could I
> specify the rhythm of a melody in the \lyrics context, and then just
> have the melody provide the pitches?



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