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Re: Making a lilypond-book

From: Will Oram
Subject: Re: Making a lilypond-book
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 16:53:26 -0500

On Jun 23, 2004, at 6:48 AM, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Ruud van Silfhout writes:

Long time ago I tried something similar. What I remember from this
is that I couldn't get it to work. It work only in case the files included
are in the same directory

Probably the documentation on lilypond-book is lacking (can somebody
please check and or fix?), but the lilypond documentation itself has
always been built using include directives to lilypond-book.

If you have v2.2 or later, use:

lilypond-book --process='lilypond-bin -I include-dir1 -I include-dir2'

if you have an earlier version, do:

   lilypond-book -I include-dir1 -I include-dir2

See lilypond-book --help for more information.

Of course, the first file name found in the path that matches is used,
so you still need unique .ly file names for snippets included in one

You'll also want to check-out the --output option, and possibly even
use LilyPond's pre-cooked makefile, installed as something like:


Hope this helps.

After a load of experimentation I think I found out how to assemble a multidirectory lilypond-book project. I didn't get to try out your solution, Jan, but next time I need to I'll give it a try.

My approach is pretty simple. Keep the .tex file in the top directory, and have one folder for each movement. In the .tex file, use \lilypond {subdirectory/} .

Within the subdirectory in question, wherever you find a \include "", replace it with \include "subdirectory/". My failure in getting this to work before was due to the fact that I didn't do this to some include files. AFAIK, this hasn't produced major side effects yet. The only problem is that anything found within my doesn't appear.

Still, Jan's version is easier and less messy. Maybe I'll try his suggestion after all...

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