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Re: address@hidden Lilypond Comments!

From: svoboda
Subject: Re: address@hidden Lilypond Comments!
Date: 07 Jul 2004 11:02:23 -0400
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> writes:

> [flup to mailing list]
> >>     %% foe
> >>     | a4 b8
> >>     | c16( d f)
> >>     | c4-2 d 
> >
> > OK. Is there a BNF grammar I can examine?  I'm not sure just what
> > other kinds of exotic stuff 'what-beat' would have to recognize.
> No.  The specification is in lily/parser.yy, but you can get most important
> things from the tutorial.

I'll scan that, then. I think the best thing to do actually is find
out everything that can be stuck between a note pitch and its
duration. Its easy to recognize the following note and ignore any
garbage in-between a duration (or the location a duration would exist)
and the following note, and I'd rather not have to teach what-beat
every nuance of Lilypond syntax.

> >> * Bind (a safe-variant of) it to '|' (or maybe even RET)
> >
> > I'll bind it to C-| then.
> O, the curren explicit binding is fine, I just thought an implicit
> binding (electric if you like) could be nice: every time you close a
> bar | you're told how many beats?

Oh, I see. (I never have liked electric chars, so that didn't occur to
me.) But an electric | that ran what-beat would serve well, and having
C-| explicitly call what-beat (for when you don't want to modify your
document) is a good supplement.

> > I presume you mean lilypond's emacs mode, right? I can create a patch
> > & send it to you if that's what you prefer.
> Yes, that was what I meant, but please discuss with Heikki what needs
> to be done before it goes in.

Agreed. I can work on integration today.  Heikki, what must I do to
what-beat in order to integrate it into emacs-mode? So far, I plan to:

-> Improve the note-recognition syntax so that what-beat works with as
much as it reasonably can. (I'll document any problems it has.)

-> Bind what-beat to C-|, add an electric-what-beat binding to |.

-> Include elisp code into lilypond, mail you the diffs.

Is that sufficient?

NOTE: I am using lilypond 2.2.0...I was more interested in getting
work done than in testing experimentatl least I started
off that way :)

> Jan.
> -- 
> Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter
>       |

David Svoboda                    address@hidden
Senior Research Programmer
Language Technologies Institute  Practice Kind Randomness and
Carnegie Mellon University       Beautiful Acts of Nonsense

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