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Re: Lyrics question

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyrics question
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:32:04 +0100
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The vertical alignment of text scripts is calculated based on the
distance from the note head or the stave (whichever is closest to
the text script). Maybe one trick to keep the different text
scripts vertically aligned is to attach them to spacing notes in
a separate Voice context:
<<{ d4 cs } \new Voice {\fatText s4^"Brown" s^"Oh," } >>
This should place all the words vertically aligned.
Then you can set the padding property of the TextScript object
to move the words up or down.
However, I would recommend to use a separate lyrics line with
explicit durations on each syllables for these situations:
\new Lyrics \lyricmode {
  % Skip the first 20 bars:
  \skip 1*20
  Brown4 Oh,


Carol Kankelborg wrote:
For just a few measures of differing lyrics, I've used the \fatText tag. It is not elegant, but seems much easier than the extra lyric section. Here's an example from an arrangement of Winter Wonderland ("And pretend that he is Parson Brown") where the bass part sings
"Brown,  Oh, Parson" while the other parts hold "Brown."

 \fatText d4_\markup{"Brown,"}   \fatText cs4_\markup { "Oh," }
  \fatText b4_\markup { "Par-" }    \fatText a4_\markup { "son." }

\fatText keeps the notes aligned with each note.   The one problem I
encountered is that the words are not always vertically aligned. I don't understand the vertical alignment units/properties enough to know how to fix that. It was just one spot and I decided
to let it be "good enough" the way it was.


At 14:12 -0700 1/9/04, Carl Youngblood wrote:

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I'm doing a choral piece that has the same lyrics for all parts for almost all of it, except for a few measures where there is a split. What is the best way to put lyrics on the notes that are split? Is there an easier way than putting in a new lyric section with a whole bunch of rests?

Carl Youngblood

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