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Re: How to set lyrics to temporarily divided parts

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: How to set lyrics to temporarily divided parts
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:46:33 +0100
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will answer this question.


Kilian A. Foth wrote:

Hello list,

I am having trouble setting lyrics to a choral part that divides
itself for a few bars only. Here is an excerpt:

#(ly:set-option 'old-relative)
\version "2.4.0"
\score {
      \context Voice = "T" {
        \set Staff.instrument = "T." \set Staff.instr = "T."
        \key d \minor \clef "G_8" \partial 4
        \relative c' {
          a4| a2. a4 | g bes a a8 g| f g f e d4 f| a f c'4. bes8| a4
          bes a f | f e f8. g16 a4|a8 g f g a f a4|a a g r| r8 e' c g
          g4 e16 f g8| fis4 fis g g|a g fis g | g fis g8. a16 bes4|r8
          e, a4. f8 bes4~| bes8 g c4. a8 c4| bes4. a8 g4. f8| e4 f g g
          |f d8 e f e f4| e4. e8 f4 f| g c c4. a8| bes4. a8 g4. f8|
          bes4 a bes8 a g4|f1|

          << { a4-"Solo" g8 f e f g a| g f e d cis4 a'|a8 bes a g f a
          d4~| d d c4. c8| f4 e f d|c bes a8. bes16 c4| } \\ { f,4 e8
          d cis d e16 d cis8| d4 bes' a r4|f8 g f e f2~ f4 f g4. g8|
          a4 bes c f,| a g f8. g16 a4 } >> a8 g f g a4. a8 << { c4 c c
          r} \\ {a a g r} >> r4. g8 g4 g | fis g8 fis d4 << { r8-"Solo"
          c'8| d a bes g a d, g4|g16 a bes8 a8 g g4 r} \\ { bes|a g fis
          g| g fis g8. a16 bes4} >> r8 e a4. f8 bes4~| bes8 g c4. a8
          c4| bes4. a8 g4. f8 <<{g4 a bes a}\\{g16 f e8 f4 f g}>> f4 d8
          e f e f d|e4. e8 f4. bes8|g4 c c4. f,8|bes4. a8 g4. f8 g16 f
          e8 f4 <<{bes a}\\{g g}>>| f1
      \new Lyrics \lyricsto "T" {
        If mu- sic food of love,
        sing "" on,  "" "" "" "" sing on, sing on,
        till I am fil'd, am fill'd with joy. "" ""
        Then "" my "" list'- "" ning soul you move,
        For then my list'- ning "" "" soul you move,
        To plea- sures that can ne- ver cloy. "" ""
        Your eyes, your mien, your tongue de- clare,
        You are mu- - - sic ev- ry- where.
        Your "" eyes, "" your eyes, your mien, your tongue de- clare
        that you are mu - - sic  ev- "" ry- where.

        Plea- sures in- vade "" both "" eye and ear,
        so fierce the trans- ports are, they wound.


(There really are three more voices, of course.)

Now, the manual told me how to use << >> in order to divide a part
temporarily, but how do I associate lyrics with either of the divided
parts? As you see, the text simply skips the divided section:
`Pleasures invade' should coincide with the Solo in bar 23, but it is
only set under bar 29.

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