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Re: dvips fails: can't find header file ecrm10

From: Aurèle Duda
Subject: Re: dvips fails: can't find header file ecrm10
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 19:39:46 +0100
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With an update to 2.5.6 have I the same problem this afternoon.
Considering the, I tried to add ".pfa" at the end of the every lines in the file and it works now.
I don't know if it's a good way but...

Aurèle Duda

Bryan Stanbridge wrote:
On 1/10/2005, "Mats Bengtsson" <address@hidden> wrote:

Did you update the TeX file name database after installing
ec-fonts? Try to run the command 'texhash' as root.


I had not.  However, after running texhash I still receive the exact same
error on

~/music# texhash
texhash: Updating /usr/share/lilypond/2.4.2/ls-R...
texhash: Updating /usr/share/texmf/ls-R...
texhash: Updating /var/lib/texmf/ls-R...
texhash: Done.

~/music$ lilypond -V
same output as before.

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Aurèle Duda
ecbx10 EuropeanCM-BoldExtended10 <ecbx10.pfa
ecbx12 EuropeanCM-BoldExtended12 <ecbx12.pfa
ecbx5 EuropeanCM-BoldExtended5 <ecbx5.pfa
ecbx6 EuropeanCM-BoldExtended6 <ecbx6.pfa
ecbx7 EuropeanCM-BoldExtended7 <ecbx7.pfa
ecbx8 EuropeanCM-BoldExtended8 <ecbx8.pfa
ecbx9 EuropeanCM-BoldExtended9 <ecbx9.pfa
ecrm10 EuropeanCM-Roman10 <ecrm10.pfa.pfa
ecrm12 EuropeanCM-Roman12 <ecrm12.pfa
ecrm17 EuropeanCM-Roman17 <ecrm17.pfa
ecrm5 EuropeanCM-Roman5 <ecrm5.pfa
ecrm6 EuropeanCM-Roman6 <ecrm6.pfa
ecrm7 EuropeanCM-Roman7 <ecrm7.pfa
ecrm8 EuropeanCM-Roman8 <ecrm8.pfa
ecrm9 EuropeanCM-Roman9 <ecrm9.pfa
ecsl10 EuropeanCM-Oblique10 <ecsl10.pfa
ecsl12 EuropeanCM-Oblique12 <ecsl12.pfa
ecsl8 EuropeanCM-ObliqueRegular8 <ecsl8.pfa
ecsl9 EuropeanCM-ObliqueRegular9 <ecsl9.pfa
ecsc9 EuropeanCM-RegularCondensed9 <ecsc9.pfa
ecsc10 EuropeanCM-RegularCondensed10 <ecsc10.pfa
ecsc12 EuropeanCM-RegularCondensed12 <ecsc12.pfa
ecsc14 EuropeanCM-RegularCondensed14 <ecsc14.pfa
eccc10 EuropeanCM-SmallcapsRegular10 <eccc10.pfa
eccc12 EuropeanCM-SmallcapsRegular12 <eccc12.pfa
ecbi8 EuropeanCM-ItalicBold8 <ecbi8.pfa
ecbi9 EuropeanCM-ItalicBold9 <ecbi9.pfa
ecbi10 EuropeanCM-ItalicBold10 <ecbi10.pfa
ecbi12 EuropeanCM-ItalicBold12 <ecbi12.pfa
ecbi14 EuropeanCM-ItalicBold14 <ecbi14.pfa
ecbi17 EuropeanCM-ItalicBold17 <ecbi17.pfa
ecrb7 EuropeanCM-RomanBold7 <ecrb7.pfa
ecrb10 EuropeanCM-RomanBold10 <ecrb10.pfa
ecrb12 EuropeanCM-RomanBold12 <ecrb12.pfa
ecrb14 EuropeanCM-RomanBold14 <ecrb14.pfa
ecrb17 EuropeanCM-RomanBold17 <ecrb17.pfa
ecss10 EuropeanCMSans-Regular10 <ecss10.pfa
ecss12 EuropeanCMSans-Regular12 <ecss12.pfa
ecss17 EuropeanCMSans-Regular17 <ecss17.pfa
ecb7 EuropeanCM-Bold7 <ecb7.pfa
ecb8 EuropeanCM-Bold8 <ecb8.pfa
ecb9 EuropeanCM-Bold9 <ecb9.pfa
ecb10 EuropeanCM-Bold10 <ecb10.pfa
ecb12 EuropeanCM-Bold12 <ecb12.pfa
ecss8 EuropeanCMSans-Regular8 <ecss8.pfa
ecss9 EuropeanCMSans-Regular9 <ecss9.pfa
ecssdc10 EuropeanCMSans-DemiboldCondensed10 <ecssdc10.pfa
ecti10 EuropeanCM-ItalicRegular10 <ecti10.pfa.pfa
ecti12 EuropeanCM-ItalicRegular12 <ecti12.pfa
ecti7 EuropeanCM-ItalicRegular7 <ecti7.pfa
ecti8 EuropeanCM-ItalicRegular8 <ecti8.pfa
ecti9 EuropeanCM-ItalicRegular9 <ecti9.pfa
ectt10 EuropeanCMTypewriter-Regular10 <ectt10.pfa
ectt12 EuropeanCMTypewriter-Regular12 <ectt12.pfa
ectt8 EuropeanCMTypewriter-Regular8 <ectt8.pfa
ectt9 EuropeanCMTypewriter-Regular9 <ectt9.pfa

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