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Hide a staff but keep it's lyrics?

From: Marc Syvertsen
Subject: Hide a staff but keep it's lyrics?
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:41:22 -0600

Hello everyone, 
Does anyone know how to hide a staff but print the lyrics of that
voice?  Or something similar.  What I have is a melody, with lyrics, and
a bass accompaniment.  I can print those all out together, with the
chord names on top, over a staff with the melody, with the lyrics below
that, and a bass staff below that with the accompaniment.  But what I
want to print is a part for the euphonium player that has just the bass
part and the lyrics, without massive editing of the source file.  So is
there a way to print the lyrics of the melody staff without the staff

Thanks!  I'm using 2.2.5.  My input file looks like this:

melody = \notes    \transpose c'' c'   \relative c'
        #(override-auto-beam-setting '(end * * * *) 1 4 'Staff)
        \override Staff.TimeSignature  #'style = #'numbered
        \time 2/4 
        \key f \major   
        \set tupletSpannerDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1 4)
        \times 2/3 { d8 d d  d d d  } |
        g4 f4 |
        \times 2/3 { e8 d e f( f) e} |
        d4 d |  \break

text = \lyrics { 
        Hi -- nei  ma tov u -- ma na -- im she -- vet a -- chim gam ya -- chad

accompaniment = \chords   {
        d2:m g4:m d4:m c2  d2:m

 chnames = \notes  \transpose c'' c' {    
        %\set chordChanges = ##t 
} }

bassac = \notes { 
        \clef bass 
        \override Staff.TimeSignature  #'style = #'numbered
        \time 2/4
        \transpose c' c' {  \relative c' \key f \major d4 r4 g4 r4 | c4 r4 d4
r4 }

\score {
     \context ChordNames \chnames 
    \context Voice = one {   
         \notes { \clef bass }  
         \melody           }
    \lyricsto "one" \new Lyrics \text  % want these lyrics, preferably
under the next staff
        \new Staff { \set Staff.voltaOnThisStaff = ##t \bassac }  % want this
  \paper { indent = 0.0\mm #(set-paper-size "letter") }

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