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Re: How to hide pedal markings in the engraving?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: How to hide pedal markings in the engraving?
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 10:34:19 +0100
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I've been using LilyPond almost since its first version, but I had no
idea that pedal marks made any difference to the MIDI output.
You learn something new every day. ;-)

Anyway, you could make two separate \score{...}, one for the
printed output and another for the MIDI output. To save some
typing, you might find the \tag and related commands useful,


Aron Fay wrote:
I'm probably one of the newest members to this, so please be patient.

I want to submit a work to mutopia, so I've been entering music
from a very old manuscript (for piano). No pedal markings exist in the original. But, I'd like to add pedal markings, for the purpose of making a reasonable midi output.

I'm using a format similair to the "center dynamic" template
in the tutorial. I've defined separate variables for the upper, lower, dynamics, and pedal content. Eg:

  \context PianoStaff
    \context Staff = "up" \upper
    \context Dynamics = "dynamics" \dynamics
\context Staff = "down" \lower \context Dynamics = "pedal" \pedal
  \layout {
    % ...

How can I surpress engraving of the pedal markings, but keep them in for midi?


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