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Re: Producing postscript for custom paper size (9x12" manuscript paper)?

From: Rick Hansen (aka RickH)
Subject: Re: Producing postscript for custom paper size (9x12" manuscript paper)?
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 18:58:46 -0700 (PDT)

I've a new user of LilyPond (1 week) and the first thing I did was try to
print to 9x12 (which is often called "Concert" by Finale and other music
publishing software.  In fact it's the "defacto standard" size for sheet
music in the USA, so I was shocked that LilyPond did not support it out of
the box.

I also found that if 9x12 it does not show up as a paper choice when you go
to print in Windows XP that you must go to system printers and faxes and add
it as a new form.  Then if your printer can handle the paper size it will
show up.

But this still does not solve the PDF header issue.  I changed my scm file
like you did, but did not go any further.

I'm new, but is there any procedure whereby this bug can be escalated to the
next release of LilyPond?

I've been using 9x12 for 20 years and I just love LilyPond, and the european
paper sizes just simply are not available in stores in the US.  But 9x12 is
widely available and makes great music paper.

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