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Re: Producing postscript for custom paper size (9x12" manuscript paper)?

From: John Hawkinson
Subject: Re: Producing postscript for custom paper size (9x12" manuscript paper)?
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:35:15 -0400
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[ Replies to Rick's two messages as well as Graydon's, all together. ]

Rick Hansen (aka RickH) <address@hidden> wrote on Mon, 10 Apr 2006
at 09:15:59 -0700 in <address@hidden>:

> From: "Rick Hansen (aka RickH)" <address@hidden>
> To: address@hidden
> John,

A note on email style here -- if you're going to reply to a message of
mine and address me, you should make it clear to everyone else who
you're talking to. Standard ways of doing that are to quote the
message (as I have above), or to keep me in the To: line and
lilypond-user in the Cc: line (again, as I have above). You should do
*something* to make sure that people are not confused. Just mentioning
me by first name in an email to the list is confusing :)

> Is this change now available in any of the post 2.8.0 releases?

I don't believe so, I have not submitted it. Both because I was waiting
for more feedback (e.g. from you), and because I've been a bit busy.

> I really need to be able to print my work on standard 9x12 sheet music paper
> too.  But I dont understand how to make the code changes you've done without
> breaking my installation.  I'm presuming it works for you now and the PDF is
> behaving itself in Adobe Reader.

What I have works for me :) I did ask you to test my changes to
framework-ps.scm. Are you saying you're not sure how to handle the
"diff" that I sent (it's a way of representing changes to a file
that can be applied in an automated fashion with the "patch" program).

If so, let me know what version of LilyPond you're using right now
and I will send you a patched framework-ps.scm for you to test (we
can do this off-list).

> BTW Finale calls this page size "Concert", and yes it is a standard, the
> wikipedia is wrong/incomplete.

Indeed, based on that it seems like "concert" is a better name than
"manuscript," and I will change it in my next revision.

If you know anything at all about this (as it seems you do), why not
update WikiPedia?

Graydon <address@hidden> wrote on Mon, 10 Apr 2006
at 13:01:09 -0400 in <address@hidden>:

> If -- as I think is the case -- your problem is that you don't have a
> "concert' to replace the "letter" with, in paper.scm -- which is in
> /pathtotoplevel/lilypond/usr/share/lilypond/current/scm on linux -- you
> need to add the 'concert' paper type, as below.

We've covered this -- the problem is that this is insufficient,
because postcript printers need additional information about the
size of the paper that LilyPond does not output.

Rick Hansen (aka RickH) <address@hidden> wrote on Mon,
10 Apr 2006 at 12:08:36 -0700 in <address@hidden>:

> So I was mostly asking about the changes needed to write the PDF
> header properly, not the paper.scm changes which I presume just lay
> out the available workspace extents for LP.
> Are the PDF header writing modifications that you tried still needed in
> future versions to make 9x12 work?

Well, it's possible that it they may not be necessary for the special
case of PDF, because of the change to %%DocumentMedia from
%%DocumentPaperSizes. But certainly they are still necessary for printers.


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