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Re: Lyric tie glyph not found (directory separator problem?)

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyric tie glyph not found (directory separator problem?)
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 08:36:04 +0200
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Quoting the manual:
"The lyric tie is implemented with the Unicode character U+203F, so be sure to have a font (Like DejaVuLGC) installed that includes this glyph."

Note that Pango (the font handling library used in LilyPond) may pick different symbols from different fonts, so even if the rest of the text is typeset using the standard Century Schoolbook font, the lyric tie is typically taken from a separate font since it's not found in Century Schoolbook.

You can easily check what font files are used on your machine
where it works, if you process a file with and without lyric ties
and compare the top lines of the resulting .ps file. I get:

- Without a lyric tie:
%%DocumentSuppliedResources: font CenturySchL-Roma

- with a lyric tie:
%%DocumentMedia: a4 595.28 841.89 80 () ()
%%DocumentSuppliedResources: font CenturySchL-Roma
%%DocumentSuppliedResources: font DejaVuSans


Risto Vääräniemi wrote:
Hi Mats,

2008/10/2 Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden>:
Have you read the warning about the font you need, in

Yes, I have seen it. I'm using the standard Century Schoolbook font
from LP distribution and because it works on my other computers I
guess it does have the glyph. I've even copied the font to
Windows\Fonts folder but that didn't help.


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