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Re: Lyric tie glyph not found (directory separator problem?)

From: Risto Vääräniemi
Subject: Re: Lyric tie glyph not found (directory separator problem?)
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 10:15:47 +0300

2008/10/2 Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden>:

> Note that Pango (the font handling library used in LilyPond) may pick
> different symbols from different fonts, so even if the rest of the text is
> typeset using the standard Century Schoolbook font, the lyric tie is
> typically taken from a separate font since it's not found in Century
> Schoolbook.

Ah, thanks. When you first read the section (and I've read it several
times) it doesn't clearly say that the Schoolbook does not have that
glyph. It is sort of hinted in a round about way if you read the
section a couple of times more with some serious thought. Or maybe I'm
just a bit thick. :-)

The file on my work computer says it had used these fonts:
%%DocumentSuppliedResources: font ArialUnicodeMS
%%DocumentSuppliedResources: font CenturySchL-Roma
%%DocumentSuppliedResources: font Emmentaler-20
%%DocumentSuppliedResources: font feta-alphabet20

My home computer has the Arial font but it's not probably Unicode
compatible. I'll have to copy it there.

Anyway, thanks for the pointer once more.


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