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Re: png cropping

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: png cropping
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 23:49:57 -0500
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I've actually tried to do this. I booted into the Windows partition of my machine and installed Cygwin and the netpbm package, but I had trouble finding the netpbm stuff from the Cygwin bash shell. The shell seemed very isolated from the rest of the machine, as I couldn't access any of the documents in my home directory and in general it behaved in much the same way that virtual machines do when I've tried running them. I couldn't even figure out how to run Lilypond from the Cygwin prompt, and the script pretty much relies on being able to do that :)

There's probably a way to make it work, but I didn't see the point since everything already worked perfectly on the Unix-based systems, which are the only ones I use. It would take someone who really knows Windows to adapt lily2image to work on it. I would welcome it because I think it's an extremely useful tool and it's a shame that Windows users can't take advantage of it.

Patrick, you mentioned at some point along the way that it would have been better if I had started the whole thing in Python instead of bash. Would this also have made it easier to port to Windows? I've ordered a Python book and will probably start messing around with it when it gets here.


Patrick Horgan wrote:
Tomas Valusek wrote:

Jonathan Kulp napsal(a):
After much revision, addition, and general fussing about with it, I'm happy to post the official version of what we're calling "lily2image," a script for converting lilypond source files to cropped image files in many different formats suitable for insertion into documents (theses, research papers, etc) or web pages. This works equally on Mac and Linux, but not on Windows.
Well, not 100% true. I imagine if you set up the cygwin stuff (or one of the standalone Windoze bash implementations, and got all the netpbm utilites installed it would work. It would be great if someone could verify that. It's just a script, not an executable.


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