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Cross staff notation

From: Helge Kruse
Subject: Cross staff notation
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 21:30:16 +0200


I want to write a piece that has a lot of cross staff notes. I have to switch the staff and keep care for the stemp direction. This is a repeated task and annoying.
How can I manage this in an easy and error proof way? I attach the original to 
show how it should look like.

Best regards,

\version "2.10.4"
\include ""

upperHarp = \relative c' {
\clef treble  \key d \major  \time 4/4
fis'2 e | d cis |

lowerHarp = \relative c {
\clef bass  \key d \major \time 4/4
\stemUp d8 a' d \change Staff = u \stemDown fis \change Staff = l \stemNeutral
a,, e' cis' \change Staff = u e \change Staff = l |
h, fis' h \change Staff = u d \change Staff = l |
fis,, cis' a' cis |

{ \score
 { <<
  \new GrandStaff
   \new Staff = u \upperHarp
   \new Staff = l \lowerHarp
 \layout { }

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