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Re: WANTED: Design for documentation (Photoshop power users!)

From: Robin Bannister
Subject: Re: WANTED: Design for documentation (Photoshop power users!)
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 21:38:15 +0200

Francisco Vila wrote [Re: translated big pages]:
Additionally, would it be possible to internationalize the "Back To Documentation Index" link?

Some usability comments, please, before this gets translated. This is currently displayed as << Back to Documentation Index

_a___ I suppose the "<<" is echoing the "<<" in the navbar. There, it means up and along, i.e to the preceding position in the linear sequence of higher nodes. But in this case there is no established linear sequence. It is therefore meaningless or confusing. _b___ "Back to" implies that the reader has been there. But those who came via search results or a mailing list post have not. And "Back" is already well established as a *history* step. (The navbar avoids this overloading by saying "Previous".)

_c___ When you click on [Index] in the navbar, you are taken to "Lilypond Index" or somesuch; a long detailed list, such as you see in the back of books. This is what the reader is meant to understand by "Index". So "Documentation Index" raises the wrong expectations. This "Index" is surely web coder jargon; it doesn't belong at the user level.

I suggest removing "<<", "Back to" and "Index". "Documentation" is probably sufficient. After all, when you arrive at the page, this is all the title says.


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