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Re: Unexpected character change on Vista

From: Michael Lauer
Subject: Re: Unexpected character change on Vista
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 18:14:26 +0000 (UTC)
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sdfgsdhdshd <discussions-sur-forums <at>> writes:

> >> 
> > I have a better workaround:
> > 1) write the .ly file on Vista
> > 2) When OK, copy the file on another pc with XP.
> > 3) LLP on XP generates the final pdf file.
> > 

Yes, that would work too. :-/

> On this Vista pc, i also use Word, with Vista-Times New Roman. I'm looking
> for a solution that allows to use Vista-Times by LLP AND Word at the same
> time.

The .fonts.conf things I suggested will do that, or at least allow
both to work on the same machine--they'll be using different versions
of the font, but you won't notice unless you want to use something
that's in the Vista version but not the old one. Lilypond will ignore 
the system TNR and find the other one. Word (and pretty much 
everything else)won't be affected, and will keep using the system font.

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