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Re: Lyrics provoke "Moment is not increasing" complaint

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyrics provoke "Moment is not increasing" complaint
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 00:58:56 +0100
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This is weird and looks like a bug to me, so I forward it to bug-lilypond.
However, you may want to reorganize your score along the lines of
the email "Re: Adding a staff in the middle of a piece" I sent on lilypond-user some minutes ago, which shows how to switch a stave back and forth between behaving like a french stave and a normal stave, but setting the remove-empty property.


Roman Stawski wrote:
I want to have one group of parallel staves following another
sequentially. The constitution of the two groups is quite different.
(In the real piece I'm using \removeEmptyStaffContext to hide the
first group when I finish with it.) A cut-down example is:

- - - -[START]
\version "2.11.60"
\layout { ragged-right = ##t }

example = {
    \new Staff { \new Voice = "a" \relative c'' { a1 } }
    %\new Lyrics { \lyricsto "a" \lyricmode { Doo } }
    \new Staff { \new Voice = "c" \relative c' { c1 } }
    \new Lyrics { \lyricsto "c" \lyricmode { dah } }

\score { \example }
- - - -[END]

This snippet works, but when I uncomment the Lyrics line, I get

- - - -
Interpreting music...
programming error: Moment is not increasing. Aborting interpretation.
continuing, cross fingers warning: cannot find Voice 'c'

    \new Lyrics {
                  \lyricsto "c" \lyricmode { dah } }

- - - -

and the second group is corrupted in the display.

The only reference to this problem that I could find was a posting
from Morten Lemvigh last year:
He solves the problem by changing the lyrics, which isn't an option in
my case.

So what am I dong wrong? Does anyone have any ideas how to solve/get
around it?



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