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help with tieWaitForNote

From: Richard Wattenbarger
Subject: help with tieWaitForNote
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 22:18:18 -0400

I'm trying to set a piano left-hand line in which the notes of an
arpeggio are tied to a longer, following note. This works fine for me
in simple cases. But I have a more complex class that's show in the
code snippet below:

\version "2.10.33"

\header {

\layout {
        ragged-right = ##t      

forceFraction = \override Staff.TimeSignature #'style = #'()
mergeHeads = \override Staff.NoteCollision  #'merge-differently-dotted = ##t

\score {
        \new Voice = LH {
                \time 4/4
                \clef bass
                \key aes \major
                \relative c, {
                        \set tieWaitForNote = ##t
                        %this works fine
                        r16 es~ (bes'~ g'~) <es, bes' g'>4
                        r16 fes~ (aes~ aes'~) <fes, aes aes'>4 |
                        %this is where the problem occurs:

                        r16 << {f!16 (des'~ a'16~) <des, a'>4} \\ {f,!8. ~ f8 
[ges]} >>
                        << {s4 bes'8 des} \\ {r16 \slurUp g,,!~ (es'~ bes'~)  
<g, es'>4} >>

The directions of the stems are coming out right.  Problem is, not all
the ties are rendering in the second measure of the above example. In
particular, the d-flat tie doesn't render in the upper voice (and I'd
like it to be \slurDown (concave upward)). And getting beats 3-4 to
render is proving to be a real nightmare!

Any suggestions?--RW

Richard Wattenbarger
Best e-mail address: address@hidden

"'Ich' sagst du und bist stolz auf diess Wort. Aber das Grössere ist,
woran du nicht glauben willst, - dein Leib und seine grosse Vernunft:
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