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From: Friedrich Fischer
Subject: laissezVibrer
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 08:39:22 +0100
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Why is the distance between the first two 1/16 notes right in the first bar and too wide in the second?
(Do not change the music, it is autograph.
Thanks for all the help.

\version "2.11.62"
        \new Staff {    
        \time 4/4       
        \key e \minor
        \clef "treble_8" {
{ \stemNeutral fis,16 fis c a fis dis' a fis' dis' fis' a dis' fis a c fis }
                { \stemDown fis,2.\laissezVibrer s4 }
{ \stemNeutral b,16 a fis dis' a fis' dis' b' fis' b' dis' fis' a dis' fis a }
                { \stemDown b,2.\laissezVibrer s4 }
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