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Re: I don't remember how to do this ...

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: I don't remember how to do this ...
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 22:01:05 +0100
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In message <address@hidden>, Carl D. Sorensen <address@hidden> writes

On 4/10/09 10:54 AM, "Chip" <address@hidden> wrote:

Thanks Carl,

You're welcome.

That's what I needed. Has this been simplified in the last year or two? Seems
I recall there was a need to use two /transposes in the past.

I don't think so.  I think that what you are remembering is the use of
\transpose and \transposition, which I don't really understand because I've
never used it.

Or it was me. If I'm going from treble clef to treble clef I use two transpositions.

One wrapped round the notes as entered to transpose them from Bb to concert, and the second wrapped round that to convert them back to Bb for printing.

Piece in treble clef Bb -
tbonea = transpose c bf, { all the notes of the piece }

That will then need a "transpose bf, c { \tbonea }" if I want to output music in treble clef.

Anthony W. Youngman - address@hidden

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