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Re: hiding portions of slurs/ties around specific objects

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: hiding portions of slurs/ties around specific objects
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 02:25:30 -0700 (PDT)

Mark Polesky wrote:
> So the command 
>   \override Fingering #'avoid-slur = ##f
> will trigger the warning only if there's actually a
> fingering in the score following the command.
> Does anyone know an easier way to find which grobs 
> trigger this warning? Then I can incorporate it into
> the macro and save a little frustration for future
> users.

I just realized that for the macro to work properly, 
'avoid-slur really should be set to #f for all slur-hiding
grobs. Better yet would be a value like 'ignore (which
doesn't exist yet). Although I proposed it on -devel:

Anyway, the mess that looks like this:

  \override $context . $top-grob
   #(if (or ;; append to this list if you get the warning:
            ;; "Ignoring grob for slur: <grob>. avoid-slur not set?"
            (equal? $top-grob "Fingering")
            (equal? $top-grob "Accidental")
        'avoid-slur) = ##f

...should really just be:

  \override $context . $top-grob #'avoid-slur = ##f

One compromise is to set 'avoid-slur to 'around:

  \override $context . $top-grob #'avoid-slur = #'around

This has the same effect of setting it to #f in many 
grobs, but not all, so it's not the ideal solution. The 
real problem then, is suppressing the warning messages
you get when setting 'avoid-slur to #f, which could easily
happen dozens of times during a single compile.

Off hand, I don't know how to do that, and if you do, you
may want to reply to the thread linked above. But the 
functionality of the macro comes first, so I'm attaching 
it, in what may be the final form for now, warning
messages and all.

- Mark


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